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Rock Monster™ Wheels

The ONLY DOT street LEGAL Beadlock for Jeep vehicles

from the World leader in high performance military wheels, Hutchinson Industries.


Air down all you want these double beadlocks will not

get you stranded miles from help.

The Rock Monster™ is a precision cast aluminum wheel with a rubber beadlock insert that is designed to be repaired in the field.


The rubber beadlock securely clamps the tire bead to both sides of the wheel (Double beadlock) and will not jump off or slip on rim.


Take your "wheeling" to the Xtreme, the Rock Monster will NOT let you down.

AIR DOWN all you want for maximum traction, at slow speed of course.

Dropping the tire pressure from 30 psi. to 10 psi. DOUBLES the traction and virtually eliminates rock punctures.

The beadlock insert is a single piece, reinforced rubber sleeve that's designed to fit around the 2 piece wheel & between the beads inside the tire.  This creates a pinching of the tire bead that LOCKS the tire to the wheel.

Super tough clear powder coat finish.



Designed after it's war winning HUMMV big brother the Rock Monster performs like the champion that is its heritage.


TJ Wheel Specifications:

15" X 8.0"     5 on 4 1/2"

3 5/8" Backspacing

1500 lb load rate, each

Internal double beadlock


Other Sizes available to fit most trucks!


Rock Monster Specifications


Rock Monster Manual


15" Wheels       $380.00 each

16-17" Wheels  $463.00 each


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