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HEM ProTop Jeep Lift

Simply the best way to lift off and store your hard top.


The HEM ProTop Lift is the safest most efficient lift made.


TRUE ONE PERSON OPERATION:  Unique 2 line climbing system that results in flat, stable, no dipping or spinning lifting.


GUIDE TOP BY YOURSELF:  Low mounted winch with handle bars allow 1 person to guide top on or off vehicle.


AUTO BRAKING HAND WINCH:  The safest on the market, the lift stops automatically whenever you stop cranking, going up or down. No dangerous hand pulleys or remotely mounted wall winch systems.

EASY TO USE:  No lifting of the top to attach the lift. One easy to insert lifting tray supports the lift for the center of the rear hatch opening, and a "T" strap system attaches it to the front of the top.


Safety strap prevents hatch from flying open (shown in Red).


Padded cross tubes protect your top.


Heavy duty construction with durable powder coat finish.

STORE JEEP RIGHT UNDER TOP:  ProTop Lift stores top within 4-6 inches of ceiling.  Allowing the storage of the Jeep under top freeing up precious garage space.


NOTE:  ProTop Lift must be mounted in a ceiling with access in attic. The safest method is to place 2X4s over the rafters and then suspend the Lift from those 2X4s.  Complete instructions included.


All to 2006     $169.00 each

Unlimited       $179.00 each

JK                  $199.00 each

JK w/storage $224.00 each

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